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These were all the parameters to use when defining currencies. There are many, and combining them in the right ways make powerful currencies and tokens. The community is always ready to help when defining and launching currencies for your use cases! When using this parameter, after the currency is launched, the reserve ratio will be lowered by the discounted percentage. Basket currencies are magical currencies that have reserves.

  • In most cryptocurrency networks, centralized teams deploy and extract rent from smart contracts that are basically programs running on a shared, decentralized computer and referred to as “DeFi”.
  • The next chapter explains the options to choose from when launching currencies.
  • My recommendation is to not bother breaking up any UTXOs smaller than 5,000 VRSC.
  • Verus Vault will soon move from Testnet to the main Verus network.
  • This allows for hedging and gather long-term profits, as these holders will receive implied volatility fees for providing liquidity.

This is because new currency has been minted after the initial supply (“initialsupply”) is distributed. Use this parameter to set a minimum amount of preconversions. The minimum amount of preconversions needs to be met or the currency will not launch and everyone gets their conversions returned, minus the transaction and conversion fees. It works both with basket currencies and simple token currencies. The conversion fees are incredibly low, 0.025% when converting to and from a basket currency, and 0.05% when converting from reserve to reserve currency.

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Verus is among the easiest cryptocurrencies to stake and earn rewards. Unlike many staking systems your Verus is completely accessible while it’s staking, it isn’t locked up, inaccessible, or out of your control in any way. You just have to flip a switch in your wallet to turn it on, and your Verus remains in your wallet the whole time, and can be spent at any time. We believe that when Verus mobile is out, VerusPay will be the first unlimited scale, universal currency, decentralized, rent-free and permissionless payment and conversion network in the world. When holding baskets on Verus, investments automatically adjust regardless of price movements.

  • Send currencies worldwide on the same chain, or across blockchains with ease.
  • This gives you, or maybe a company that specializes in watching the blockchain to whom you’ve assigned the revocation ID to revoke and recover whenever an unauthorized unlock occurs.
  • People can preconvert VRSCTEST into its reserves in return for 100 BusinessBrand distributed among them.
  • More information on basket currencies, simple token currencies and subIDs in the next chapter.
  • The fees that go to the miners and stakers (such as transaction fees, ID registration costs, and others) will go into the fee pool, and each miner or staker will get to take 1% of what is in the fee pool along with their block reward.

We develop on dev and some other branches and produce releases of of the master branch, using pull requests to manage what goes into master. The dev branch is considered the bleeding edge codebase, and may even be incompatible from time to time, while the master-branch is considered tested (unit tests, runtime tests, functionality). At no point of time do the Komodo Platform developers or Verus Developers take any responsibility for any damage out of the usage of this software.

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The magic here is that there is no coding involved. Anyone can launch a currency by just choosing the options and parameters they would like. It is as easy as typing in a command and the currency is ready to be used by the world within minutes.

Self sovereign, revocable, recoverable identities (currently on mainnet) VerusID

Please update as soon as possible to enable any project to use the Bridge.vETH currency as a reserve currency that is also a decentralized basket across the ecosystem. This fixes an issue discovered on testnet where a PBaaS chain required explicit use of fee currency to send some currencies back to the Verus chain. A locked VerusID can always be revoked and recovered by its revocation and recovery authority identities, which circumvents the lock. At the same time, anyone with only the primary keys, even a multisig of primary keys must first unlock, then wait for the predetermined unlock time before they can spend or access funds. This gives you, or maybe a company that specializes in watching the blockchain to whom you’ve assigned the revocation ID to revoke and recover whenever an unauthorized unlock occurs.

All You Need to Know About Verus Coin

If anyone has currency X or Y, they can convert to the basket currency, or convert from reserve to reserve. If anyone has the basket currency, they can go to currency X or Y. A basket currency can have 1 and up to 10 reserve currencies. More information on basket currencies, simple token currencies and subIDs in the next chapter. Also, where other protocols need L2 solutions which are mostly centralized, Verus includes self-sovereign identities, namespaces, privacy, DeFi, bridges, and currency and blockchain launches on the first layer. An innovation that fundamentally revolutionizes the preexisting cryptocurrency landscape.

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I recommend starting with this article on Verus DeFi to understand more. It is mentioned here to make it clear that currencies on Verus will not be able to stake; only Verus can stake. Also, Verus that resides in the reserves (the liquidity pool) of a fractional currency is unable to stake. This assumes you are already familiar with the command line and have verusd running and have met the other prerequisites for being eligible to stake. You’ll know you’ve successfully staked when you see staking transactions and rewards in your transaction list, and when your balance goes up accordingly.

New Verus Multicurrency, Multichain, DeFi Enabled Testnet

And of course, a simple token currency can be one of the reserves in a basket currency. When a UTXO stakes it is actually spent, being sent back to the same address again. This means it still shows up in your balance, but it becomes ineligible to stake again for 150 blocks. For the next 150 blocks after a stake you’ll notice that the value of the UTXO that staked will be missing from your eligible staking balance, but also notice that your other UTXOs remain eligible to stake during this period. Your wallet must be running, connected to the internet, and synced with the Verus blockchain with staking enabled in order to stake.


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